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Mechanical workshop

Foto Mitarbeiter Mechanische Werkstatt

Thanks to many years of experience and continued training, the mechanical workshop of the 2nd Institute of Physics is pivotal in supporting the scientific research through the construction of mechanical components and hardware. The workshop especially focusses on the construction and setup of experimental equipment for extreme conditions, such as ultra-high vacuum or extremely low temperatures (in the range of milli kelvins). Additionally, the experience in the area of classical optics and x-ray optics like high-precision x-ray lenses proves benefical.

Manufacturing facilities

Foto CNC BearbeitungszentrumCNC FräsanlageCNC Drehbank    CNC Präzisionsdrehmaschine

In addition to the basic equipment the following facilities are at the disposal of our workshop:

  • CNC machining center
  • CNC lathe and mill
  • CNC precision turning lathe
  • TIG welding plant
  • Laser welding equipment
  • Electrical discharge erosion machine