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Members of group Ternes, 2nd Institute of Physics B

Phone numbers given in this list are internal direct dials to the respective office. If you call from outside the RWTH, please use a prefix.

Foto Achour
Achour, Hamed, Dr.
Office: Research Center Jülich, Raum
Phone: -02461 61 6313
Foto Arabi
Arabi, Soroush

Office: MPI Stuttgart
Phone: -+49 (0)711-689-5504
Foto Hernández de la Vega
Hernández de la Vega, Alejandro, M.Sc.
PhD student
Office: Research Center Jülich, Raum
Phone: -02461 61 5765
Foto Jin
Jin, Keda, M.Sc.
PhD student
Office: Research Center Jülich, Raum
Phone: -+49 (0)2461 61-5810
Foto Martinez
Martinez, Jose, Dr.

Office: Research Center Jülich
Phone: -+49 (0)2461 61-6363
Foto Ternes
Ternes, Markus, Prof. Dr.

Office: 28 A 325
Phone: -27099
Foto Wang
Wang, Yuqi, Dr.

Office: MPI Stuttgart
Phone: -+49 (0)711-689-5504
Foto Zhao
Zhao, Junting, B.Sc.
Master student
Office: Research Center Jülich, Raum
Phone: -02461 61 4553


Our staff can be reached via phone

from inside the RWTH: use the listed 5-digit direct dial
from Aachen use a prefix: 80-(direct dial)
from Germany use a prefix: 0241-80-(direct dial)
from outside Germany use a prefix: +49-241-80-(direct dial)


Not all direct dials can be called directly from outside the RWTH (designated by the symbol °). Please contact our secretary's office for assistance (+49-241-80-27075).

Postal address of individual members:

Name of member
II. Physikalisches Institut, RWTH Aachen
52056 Aachen, Germany

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