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Electronic transport in graphene nanostructures on SiO2
T. Ihn, S. Dröscher, S. Schnez, H. Knowles, J. Güttinger, M. Huefner, C. Stampfer, Y. Meir, and K. Ensslin, Solid State Communications 152, 1306 (2012)
Graphene quantum dots: transport experiments and local imaging
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Laser induced non-thermal deposition of ultrathin graphite
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Readout of carbon nanotube vibrations based on spin-phonon coupling
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Encapsulating graphene by ultra-thin alumina for reducing process contaminations
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Bernd Hoefflinger (Ed.): Chips 2020 – A Guide to the Future of ­Nanoelectronics
C. Stampfer, Physik Journal 11, 62 (2012)
Transport through graphene quantum dots
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Quantum capacitance and density of states of graphene
S. Dröscher, P. Roulleau, F. Molitor, P. Studerus, C. Stampfer, K. Ensslin, and T. Ihn, Proceedings of the Nobel Symposium on “Graphene”, Phys. Scr. T146, 014069 (2012)
Tunable capacitive inter-dot coupling in a bilayer graphene double quantum dot
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Charge detection in a bilayer graphene quantum dot
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Electronic excited states in bilayer graphene double quantum dots
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Transport in Graphene Nanostructures
C. Stampfer, S. Fringes, J. Güttinger, F. Molitor, C. Volk, B. Terres, J. Dauber, S. Engels, S. Schnez, A. Jacobsen, S. Dröscher, T. Ihn, and K. Ensslin, Frontiers of Physics 6, 271 (2011)
Variations in the work function of doped single- and few-layer graphene assessed by Kelvin probe force microscopy and density functional theory
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Electronic properties of graphene nanostructures
F. Molitor, J. Güttinger, C. Stampfer, S. Dröscher, A. Jacobsen, T. Ihn, and K. Ensslin, J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 23, 243201 (2011)
The relevance of electrostatics for scanning-gate microscopy
S. Schnez, J. Güttinger, C. Stampfer, K. Ensslin, and T. Ihn, New Journal of Physics 13, 053013 (2011)
Raman spectroscopy on etched graphene nanoribbons
D. Bischoff, J. Güttinger, S. Dröscher, T. Ihn, K. Ensslin, and C. Stampfer, J. Appl. Phys. 109, 073710 (2011)
Time-resolved charge detection in graphene quantum dots
J. Güttinger, J. Seif, C. Stampfer, A. Capelli, K. Ensslin, and T. Ihn, Phys. Rev. B 83, 165445 (2011)
Transport through a strongly coupled graphene quantum dot in perpendicular magnetic field
J. Güttinger, C. Stampfer, T. Frey, T. Ihn and K. Ensslin, Nanoscale Research Letters 6, 253 (2011)
Gauge Factor Tuning, Long-Term Stability, and Miniaturization of Nanoelectromechanical Carbon-Nanotube Sensors
T. Helbling, C. Roman, L. Durrer, C. Stampfer, and C. Hierold, IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 99, 1 (2011)
Disorder induced Coulomb gaps in graphene constrictions with different aspect ratios
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Spin States in Graphene Quantum Dots
J. Güttinger, T. Frey, C. Stampfer, T. Ihn, and K. Ensslin, Phys. Rev. Lett. 105, 116801 (2010)
Transition to Landau Levels in Graphene Quantum Dots
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Selective Chemical Modification of Graphene surfaces: Distinction between Single and Bilayer Graphene
F. M. Koehler, A. Jacobsen, K. Ensslin, C. Stampfer, and W. J. Stark, Small 6, 1125 (2010)
Asymmetric Franck-Condon factors in suspended carbon nanotube quantum dots
F. Cavaliere, E. Mariani, R. Leturcq, C. Stampfer, and M. Sassetti, Phys. Rev. B 81, 201303(R) (2010)
Graphene single-electron transistors
T. Ihn, J. Güttinger, F. Molitor, S. Schnez, E. Schurtenberger, A. Jacobsen, S. Hellmüller, T. Frey, S. Dröscher, C. Stampfer, and K. Ensslin, Materials Today 13, 44 (2010)
Observation of excited states in a graphene double quantum dot
F. Molitor, H. Knowles, S. Dröscher, U. Gasser, T. Choi, P. Roulleau, J. Güttinger, A. Jacobsen, C. Stampfer, K. Ensslin, and T. Ihn, Europhys. Lett. 89, 67005 (2010)
The Aharonov-Bohm effect in a side-gated graphene ring
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Quantum capacitance and density of states of graphene
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Transport through open quantum dots: making semiclassics quantitative
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Imaging localized states in graphene nanostructures
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Energy and transport gaps in etched graphene nanoribbons
F. Molitor, C. Stampfer, J. Güttinger, A. Jacobsen, T. Ihn, and K. Ensslin, Semicond. Sci. Technol. 25, 034002 (2010)
Electron-Hole Crossover in Graphene Quantum Dots
J. Güttinger, C. Stampfer, F. Libisch, T. Frey, J. Burgdörfer, T. Ihn, and K. Ensslin, Phys. Rev. Lett. 103, 046810 (2009)
Transport through graphene double dots
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Transparency of narrow constrictions in a graphene single electron transistor
C. Stampfer, E. Schurtenberger, F. Molitor, J. Güttinger, T. Ihn, and K. Ensslin, Int. J. Mod. Phys. B 23, 2647 (2009)
Franck-Condon blockade in suspended carbon nanotube quantum dots
R. Leturcq, C. Stampfer, K. Inderbitzin, L. Durrer, C. Hierold, E. Mariani, M. G. Schultz, F. von Oppen, and K. Ensslin, Nature Physics 5, 327 (2009)
Graphene quantum dots: Beyond a Dirac billiard
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Energy gaps in etched graphene nanoribbons
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Transport gap in side-gated graphene constrictions
F. Molitor, A. Jacobsen, C. Stampfer, J. Güttinger, T. Ihn, and K. Ensslin, Phys. Rev. B 79, 075426 (2009)
Graphene quantum dots in perpendicular magnetic fields
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Investigation of the Aharonov-Bohm effect in a gated graphene ring
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Observation of excited states in a graphene quantum dot
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Tunable graphene single electron transistor
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Diffractive paths for weak localization in quantum billiards
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Sensing NO2 with individual suspended single-walled carbon nanotubes
T. Helbling, R. Pohle, L. Durrer, C. Stampfer, C. Roman, M. Fleischer, and C. Hierold, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 132, 491 (2008)
Phase-coherent transport in a mesoscopic few-layer graphite wire
T. Ihn, D. Graf, F. Molitor, C. Stampfer, and K. Ensslin, Physica E 40, 1851 (2008)
SWNT growth by LPCVD on ferritin-based iron catalyst nanoparticles towards CNT sensors
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Coulomb oscillations in three layer graphene nanostructures
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Piezoresponse force microscopy on doubly clamped KNbO3 nanowires
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Charge detection in graphene quantum dots
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Tunable Coulomb blockade in nanostructured graphene
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Progress in carbon nanotube based nanoelectromechanical systems synthesis
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Raman imaging for processing and process monitoring for nanotube devices
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Raman mapping of a single-layer to double-layer graphene transition
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Raman imaging of doping domains in graphene on SiO2
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Electron Shuttle Instability for Nano Electromechanical Mass Sensing
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Nano Electromechanical Sensors based on Carbon Nanotubes
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Raman Imaging of Graphene
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Synthesis of single-walled carbon nanotube bridges controlled by support micromachining
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Local gating of a graphene Hall bar by graphene side gates
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Flying and Crawling Modes during Surface-Bound Single Wall Carbon Nanotube Growth
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Spatially Resolved Raman Spectroscopy of Single- and Few-Layer Graphene
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Micromachined pressure sensors for electromechanical characterization of carbon nanotubes
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Electrothermal effects at the microscale and their consequences on system design
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Fabrication of Discrete Nano-Scaled Force Sensors Based on Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes
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Thermography on a suspended microbridge using confocal Raman scattering
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